Light Up Your Life: The Beauty of Fabric Lampshades

 Image above features lampshade made in Nine Muses's Treefoile Lily of the Valley

If you've fallen in love with a fabric design but are unsure of how to incorporate it into your interiors, we've got a solution for you! Lampshades are a low-commitment, high-impact way of injecting pattern and colour into your space. Rather than picking a ready-made shade, why not make your own unique lampshades? You'll be amazed by how the colours, patterns and textures come alive when lit from underneath!

When it comes to making your own lampshades from fabrics, we always recommend using a liner to protect the fabric from the heat of the bulb. As a general rule of thumb, we also suggest choosing lightweight linen fabrics as these work beautifully to let light pass through – but as always, it's all dependent on your personal style and the look you're trying to achieve.

If you need some advice or guidance, pop into the showroom and we'd be happy to talk through some ideas. For now, let us light up your inspiration with some lampshades made in fabrics by Fabric Collective designers. 


Lampshade made in Jean's Fantasie Original by Nine Muses

Image left: Lampshade made in Jaipur Green by Tasha Textiles. Image Right: Lampshade made in Betu Indigo + Onyx by Brook Perdigon.

Image left: Lampshade made in Cleeve Rhubarb/Lilac by Cloth & Clover. Image right: Lampshade made in Suzani Flax Steel by Nine Muses

Lampshade made in Circles Blue by Tasha Textiles.

Lampshade made in Yoko Beluga by Walter G. 

Lampshade made in Chanterelle by Nine Muses. 


Lampshade made in Netherton Bluebell by Cloth & Clover.