How To Hang Your Wallpaper: A Library of Guides

One of our most frequently asked questions is: How do I hang my wallpaper? 

Unfortunately, the answer isn't straightforward and many factors must be considered when determining the best way to install wallpapers.

We've compiled a library of guides from our Fabric Collective members detailing specific instructions for installing their wallpaper. 

N.B: We always advise that a professional should be used when applying wallpaper. 

Brook Perdigon

Grasscloth Hanging Instructions

Linen Toile Hanging Instructions

Non-Woven Vellum Hanging Instructions

Non-Woven Fiber Hanging Instructions

Lake August

Wallpaper Installation FAQ

Walter G

Wallpaper Hanging Guide

Sarah Vanrenen 

Wallpaper Hanging Instructions 2022

Penny Morrison

6 Tips for Hanging Wallpaper


Hanging Instructions