In the Milola Design wallpaper range, you will find both elegant, bold statement colours and delicate details which have mainly been inspired by vintage prints found by designer, Larissa Miloradovich in antique shops around the world. 

Milola Design wallpapers are designed in Germany and are printed in the UK on the highest quality non woven paper using FSC accredited substrates and environmentally friendly water-based inks.

"I have a home studio in Germany where I live and work with my 4 children, husband, and more animals than I can count. I’m what you would call a 'pot pourri', being Russian/German and having lived and studied in Paris, London, Moscow, Düsseldorf and Brussels. Possibly as a result, my inspiration tends to be from a mix of cultural identities, and the constantly bewildering beauty of the designs that I find in nature, which I'm regularly drawn back to. Creating products with beautifully balanced colours and wonderful detail to bring more joy into your home is what I like to do - I hope that you enjoy them!" - Larissa Miloradovich

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