Debby Tenquist’s passion for textiles ignited early. Whilst studying at the V&A & SOAS in her 20s, the ancient worlds of the Mughal and Ottoman Empires, and the Far East made a lasting impression on her aesthetic sensibility.

Her designs are inspired by a spectrum of the decorative arts from Mughal Miniatures to ancient textiles. This background in the art world and more recently as a garden designer, explain the historical and botanical lexicon evident in her designs which are seen through a modern lens, both in the layout, scale and range of colours.

Her first comprehensive range “Incredible India” was launched internationally in 2018. The “Tribal" range was launched a year later in 2019. She launched the “Suleiman" range in 2020 and plans to launch the Silk Road range in early 2021.

Protecting the environment is a priority for Debby and she found a printing process that was safe and sustainable with a low carbon foot print.  The 100% linen base cloth is made of flax that is grown sustainably in Belgian with no wastage and then it is sustainably printed in England. Her printer uses the latest digital technology requiring minimal water and using non toxic dyes and inks that are recirculated and not released into the water ways. All her designs are printed to order and can be personalised both in colour and scale for special projects.

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