It’s Play Time: Using Wallpapers and Fabrics in Children’s Bedrooms

Image above: Mr. Z Magic by Milola Design

Being bold and creative with your design choices is always something that we like to encourage with our clients – but when it comes to the home, there’s one area where this playfulness is simply non-negotiable: the children’s room. Whether it's a bedroom or a playroom, a child's space is more than just a room: it’s a whole world and a sanctuary that they can retreat to and let their imaginations take flight. From illustrated vehicles and animals to funky geometric prints and primary palettes, take some inspiration from the designs below and create a space of wonder and delight for your little ones. 

Bold & Funky Stripes 

Image above: Curtains in Harbour Stripe Rose Cotton by Tori Murphy

Designs from Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Tigre Ink/Petal Block Print by Serena Dugan, Fastnet Stripe Navy Wool by Tori Murphy, Harbour Stripe Mustard Cotton by Tori Murphy, Alfie Green by Sarah Vanrenen, Kilim Stripes Wallpaper by Ottoline and Harbour Stripe Rose Cotton by Tori Murphy


Colourful Checks


Image Above: Curtains in Large Woodhouse Check Rose and cushion in Little Hamilton Radish both by Tori Murphy

Designs from Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Double Check Red Wallpaper by Ottoline, Vintage Check Old Blue by Inchyra, Inca Check Red by Penny Morrison, Beaumont Check Sage by Inchyra, Large Woodhouse Check Mustard by Tori Murphy and Indian Checks Caramel Wallpaper by Ottoline


Animal Kingdom

Image above: Bun Wallpaper by Lake August 

Designs from Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Channel Islands Pacific/Grasscloth Wallpaper by Lake August, Arbutus Wallpaper by Claire Worthington, Eli Darker Blue by Milola Design, Going Swimmingly Cream by Milola Design, Flock in Flight Pale Sun Wallpaper by Lake August, Antique Indienne Small 35 Shell by Nine Muses


People, Places & Objects


Image above: Fast Lane Pale Blue by Milola Design

Image above: Apple of My Eye Mint Green by Milola Design

Designs from Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Chinese Vases Emerald by Milola Design, Argonaut Taupe by Milola Design, Carriages Curcuma by Milola Design, Russian Costumes Cream by Milola Design, Having a Chat Blue Wallpaper by Milola Design, Patio Plants Grey/Blue Wallpaper by Ottoline