A Whole New World: Immersive Wallpaper Designs

Image above: Pink City Wallpaper by Jennifer Shorto

Sometimes we all need a little escape from the real world. For the first blog piece of 2022, we're kicking things off by indulging our escapist fantasies and putting the spotlight on the wallpaper designs that transport us to whole new worlds. Open up a portal from your home to your imagination with these designs that take you back through time, up into space, around the world or off into fantasy universes. No matter how you choose to style them, these designs are sure to add a dash of wonder and whimsy into your interiors.


 Pompeii Palm Wallpaper by Jennifer Shorto

Tulips Festival Green Wallpaper by Ottoline

Toile De Terrain Graphite Wallpaper by Brook Perdigon

A Journey Through Japan Wallpaper by Jennifer Shorto

Kumo Ocean Wallpaper by Walter G

Forbidden Fruit Wallpaper by Jennifer Shorto

Carriages Curcuma by Milola Design

Flock in Flight Halycon Wallpaper by Lake August

Constellation Blue Wallpaper by Jennifer Shorto